miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

  1. What is the sexiest animal?
  2. Alison: It would be the leopard.
  3. Jamie: Nah.
  4. Alison: The horse?
  5. Jamie: The giraffe.
  6. Alison: The giraffe is...
  7. Jamie: The giraffe because it's so vulnerable. It has no vocal chords so it can't-
  8. Alison: ...If you want to cuddle it- ...It's massive neck-
  9. Jamie: It can't warn it's mates if a lion is comin' up. It can't fucking run because it's got those legs. But it-it can't-
  10. Alison: So it can't do anything but you find that sexy. Almost like a handicapped creature